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3 Tips for Working at Home

​With the recent outbreak of Covid-19 in the United State a record number of people are finding themselves working from home that never have before.  If you are struggling with how ​to create a space to be productive and efficient in your home, here are my 3 quick tips for you:

1. Create a dedicated work space

2. Make sure you have good lighting

3. Make your space comfortable

Watch my full video discussing these tips below!

Stay Productive During Social Distancing

​Feeling restless, bored or fidgety ​at home while social distancing yourself from others? Whether you have kids, are looking after family members​ or are flying solo, you can use some of this new found time at home to get a little more organized (and maybe a little less focused on the world outside your door).

Now, I realize not everyone has the time or energy for this if they are working remotely, still reporting in to work or caring for and entertaining their loved ones, but if you are interested here are 5 ways to stay productive:

  1. Start or finish your taxes - If you have been procrastinating, wouldn't it be nice to get that off your plate? If you file on time, the Federal government is allowing people an extra 90 days to pay any amounts due and states may follow suit. 
  2. Clean out the fridge – This is something everyone always puts off, but now is just as good a time as any to throw out the half used mint jelly from two years ago, switch out the baking soda container, and wipe down those sticky drawers.
  3. Spring clean your closets a little early – Going through my seasonal clothes and “purging” the things I didn’t wear always gives me satisfaction, plus I like to put all of the nicer things together to donate to a local mission or homeless shelter. Kids can go through their playrooms or toy chests.
  4. Organize the pantry  Just like your fridge, this is an often neglected area. So why not get a jump start?  You can tackle just one shelf a day or empty out the whole thing and start fresh.
  5. Sort through those papers - For many with a home office, there are probably stacks of papers around, or even unopened mail. Some to throw out, some to shred, some to file. Well, there's no time like the present!

The best way to reach successful results without getting overwhelmed is to set measurable goals and guidelines, especially if you have kids in the house.  Don’t forget to:

  • Designate a time-frame so you don’t burn out: 30 minutes to an hour for small children, 1 to 2 hour for older children and adults.
  • Identify a specific task: e.g. pick out all of the canned items that are expired. You can even make it a contest​ for kids such as who can find the most, who can finish before the song ends, or whoever finishes their task first gets a prize.
  • Set a benchmark: everyone must pick out at least 3 pieces of clothing or toys to donate.
  • Make it fun: Especially if working with kids! Use colored sharpies, post-its, stickers, even glitter pens to ​mark items.

And remember, whatever you do is an accomplishment to be proud of!