A Personal Note from Miranda -

Miami, FL - 2007


Starting at a very young age, every few months I would get the itch to reorganize my life. This essentially just meant going through my clothes, books, papers, and accessories to get rid of the things I wasn’t using, either by donating them to the church where we served hot dinners once a month, having a “tag sale” or throwing them away. Once this started, it would inevitably end with my mom finding me dragging my furniture across the room to create a new and more pleasing layout.

I may have grown up, but the itch has never ceased. So after almost 12 years of managing the operations of someone else's office, I took a leap of faith in launching my own business that would benefit from my: business knowledge, personal experiences with the aftermath of hoarding, creative problem solving abilities, and knack for tidying up. That is when FIT, d/b/a myForte Consulting, was born, offering residents and small business owners services in organization and management of: finances, record keeping, processes, procedures, offices spaces, and basically life!

Since one of my main inspirations has been seeing my own family's experiences in hoarding and the inevitable sorting out finances, belongings and paperwork after a death, I hope to help other families and businesses avoid that in their future by getting an early start now. Most importantly I want people to achieve happy and healthy lives, emotionally and physically, whether at work or at home.

So please browse my site and let me know how I can help you. It's not just my name, these things really are my forte!

All my best, Miranda

Running is about finding your inner peace. So is a life well lived.” – Dean Karnazes

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