Top 6 Reasons to Get and Stay Organized

“Getting Organized” is consistently ranked one of the top five New Year's resolutions made every year. And with the craze for Marie Kondo's Tidying Up tearing across the nation, everyone wants to take part!  People usually start off strong, emptying their closets of unworn items and pantries of expired goods, but then, as with other resolutions, by this time of year they lose steam.

Then when the weather starts getting nice "Spring Cleaning". In another few weeks, you won't be able to drive around a neighborhood without seeing a yard sale, tag sale, garage sale, sign every weekend. 

But why wait? Why make resolutions at all? Why not make getting and STAYING organized part of your life? I can help you start on that road today! If you're not sure you really want or need to embark on that journey, here is my countdown of the Top 6 Reasons to Get and Stay Organized. I would love to know what you think!

6. If one in four Americans have a clutter problem, then that would suggest that atleast every one family does. According to the average American household in 2018 was 2.53 people.  So is it you or your sister or brother or parents or neighbor who needs some decluttering and organizing? It's nothing to be ashamed of, some people just need to learn a few quick tricks, others just don't have the gene.

5. Wow, 80% of papers we print out, receive in the mail or by fax are never even looked at again. So why bother getting them at all? Why not receive via e-statement?  Or at the very least, cut down on your files by reviewing then recycling or shred to keep your private info safe.

4. Almost 10% of Americans own a storage unit. Ok that doesn't sound like too many, but there are upwards of 40K units in the US! But when you think about it, storage units are usually barely frequented, not exactly used like a basement freezer. When I had a unit, it sat for an entire year before I visited it once. If you have a unit, how often do you visit it and sort through your items? Does the volume grow or diminish? Does it look like something out of storage wars? Are there papers you filed away in there?

3. This one ails almost everyone I know. Garage are a coveted item on most home buyers' list of wants, however are they really just storage units these days? Do you have a garage that is used for everything except your automobile?  Thing about all the money you would save if you are didn't have the rain, snow or sun beating down on it year round.  More than the savings on that bulk Costco paper towel pack I bet.

2. Having worked in many small businesses on the administration side, I can attest to the fact that this is true. Small business owners, CEOs, even administrative staff, often have an overwhelming about of information that they are taking it and turning over to put our their products. Decluttering and organizing is a must for productivity and efficiency in the workplace.  And it is not different at home.  Are you one of those people that can never find their keys?  Or spend 30 minutes looking for a shoe or purse you could swear was in its "normal place" but was really under the bed?

1. Even if you don't have a clutter problem, the Huffington Post research found that 84% of Americans think that their houses should be more organized and/or clean. Busy families have enough to do with grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, school pickups, etc., why add organizing to your long list of daily activities?

 So, if you are motivated to start working towards a more organized, less stressed, you today, please contact me!​ Together we can start gaining back that year, and start reducing the time you spend on housework.  And don't forget to follow me here and on social media for more ideas, tips, and insights. Next week I will share some of my best organizing tips.